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holistic fitness

Evolve Holistic Fitness is not just another average gym. It’s an uplifting high-vibrational place where people can come and feel like a part of a family, a community dedicated to inspiring each other, motivating one another. A place where they receive supreme personal training in order to help achieve their fitness, personal and health goals. Here you are more than ‘just another member’. At Evolve Holistic Fitness, everyone is welcome from the absolute beginner to people who have trained for many years, to those who have back problems. We also specialize in supporting people with back, shoulder, hip, knee and other joint issues.

Here you won’t have to wait until the next machine is free, because the person before you occupies it while distracted texting on their phone or scrolling for music. At Evolve Holistic Fitness the cell phone stays in the locker room, we have NO TIME TO LOOSE and are fully FOCUSED on and PRESENT with our work-out! This is just one of many reasons why Evolve Holistic Fitness members SEE RESULTS VERY SOON!

Evolve Holistic Fitness is the first conscious gym in Zurich.
It fuses the world of fitness with the holistic side of living.

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