Fitness-Boxen in Zürich

Personal Training

At Evolve Holistic Fitness we train differently not like in all the other gyms/fitness studios. Each person is unique, and each training program is adapted to individual needs.

We will support you to mold and realize your goals helping you connect to your physical body.

Support you and take you to your limits and beyond.

Guided training is taking you further, faster and more efficient to reach your goals holisitcally.

Who is it suitable for?

At Evolve Holistic Fitness there is room for complete beginners who have never seen a gym from the inside, as well as for people who are advanced and have years of training experience, as well as for elderly people who wish to improve their fitness or those who wish to loose weight.

Where will we train?

Evolve Holistic Fitness has its own fully equipped studio 290 m2 @Limmattalstrasse 223, 8049 Zürich.

What's first?

First you fill in the application for a trial training so that we can fix a date.

How do i start?

On the day of your free trial training we will first have a chat about your personal goals and your health. Thereafter we will jump right into your first work-out. Please bring your training clothes with you. At Evolve Holistic Fitness, we train without shoes so just bring socks. Training towels and water are provided.

A final thought...

Why holistic?

There are so many aspects to a person’s health, so Evolve Holistic Fitness works together with other therapists giving you a completion of what is required to make you the best possible version of yourself

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